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Department of Clinical Microbiology

Head of the Department: Bonita Durnaś, MD, PhD, microbiologist

Contact: +48 41 367 4710, +48 41 367 4712

Our department offers performs the diagnosis of bacterial and fungal infections and participates in the control of hospital infections. Samples collected from patients are examined for the presence of aerobic, anaerobic bacteria and fungi. We identify microorganisms by means of traditional methods (breeding, latex testing) and automatically using VITEK (Bio-Merieux) instrument.

Antibiogram includes:

determining susceptibility to some anti-microbial medicines,

identification of immunity mechanisms,

and in justified cases, marking the smallest inhibitory concentrations (MIC).

An automatic system is used for the detection of microorganisms in the blood and body fluids, which makes it possible to detect microorganisms early and allows for the earlier introduction of targeted therapy. We also identify selected microorganisms using molecular biology methods.

The high quality of the research is provided by a system of continuous internal and external control, adapting procedures to the recommendations of reference centers, collaboration with other microbiological centers and high quality equipment and reagents. The quality of the research is confirmed by the Certificate of Microbiological Testing Assurance “POLMIRCO”.

We cooperate with the Department of Physiology, Pathophysiology and Microbiology, Faculty of Health Sciences of the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce and the Independent Laboratory Microbiologic and Nano-biomedical Techniques of the Medical University in Bialystok.