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Palliative Care Facility

Head: Leszek Mierzwa, MD, specialist in internal medicine, emergency medicine and palliative medicine

Deputy Head: Maria Czeczotko, MD, pediatrician, specialist in family medicine and palliative medicine

Contact: +48 41 367 4201

The Palliative Care Facility comprises:

  • Palliative Medicine Unit,
  • Palliative Medicine Clinic,
  • Hospice Home Care

We provide care for patients in advanced stages of cancer. In clinical practice we provide comprehensive care for patients who are not undergoing curative treatment. Our treatment aims to relieve troublesome symptoms, meeting psychosocial and spiritual needs of the patient and offer support for the patient and family during the illness and after the death of a loved one. Palliative care, which is a multi-disciplinary activity, is a continuous team effort made by by doctors, nurses, psychologists, priests, therapists, volunteers, social workers, etc.

In the hospital ward, which has 16 beds, there are patients requiring a 24-hour hospital-care. Outpatient Palliative Medicine, which coordinates the work of our personnel, is a place of constant contact of patients and their families.

The scope of our services includes:

  • assistance in personal hygiene,
  • changing of the dressings,
  • treatment and care of bedsores,
  • bedsore prevention,
  • bladder catheterization,
  • changing catheters,
  • intravenous drug infusions of glucose and electrolyte fluid,
  • tube feeding,
  • gastrostomy,
  • taking blood samples and swabs for testing,
  • blood pressure measurement,
  • physical and respiratory rehabilitation, and
  • training families in helping the sick.